2023.6.27. Release

7th Digital Single



Music&Lyrics : EndPine

Apple Music 公式「J-Pop 注目トラック」ランクイン

Apple Music 公式プレイリスト「J ROCK New Star」「最新ソング:J-Pop」


雨宮うり「ハルメイ」公式イメージソング (講談社)


2022.8.26. Release

4th Digital Single





Music&Lyrics : EndPine




Music : EndPine

Lyrics : EndPine

Arrangement : 時枝広明 EndPine


EndPine 4th デジタルシングル。U-NEXT「MUSIC TANK セレクション」2023年3-4月度。


Collaborated for the First Time

Kodansha, one of the largest publishers in Japan, and “Eggs”, the popular music uploading platform have collaborated on creating a song “Hotori” for EndPine, and the song has won an award for the official music competition of HARUMEI by Uri Amamiya.

The award was celebrated on the most recent “Nakayoshi”, a cartoon magazine, that went on sale on December 1st and you can see the details on it. 

Once again, I appreciate all your contributions to support us and the EndPine’s music. I promise to dediccate ourselves to continuously create the best songs for all of you. 

It would be great and more than appreciated if you could leave comments when you find favoruite songs of ours.  Thank you for all of your suuports.